We are shocked that once again, evidence that was in the custody of the Courts has gone missing.

Repubblika considers that the disappearance of evidence in the Courts is unacceptable and whoever is responsible should bear the responsibility for this serious breach.

The story broadcast by The Times newspaper this morning is serious and disturbing for several reasons. This is a serious attack on the heart of the administration of justice where the basic tool to do justice is being taken away. Without evidence, justice is not served and the criminal wins over society.

This is another moment where the State is failing. We maintain that the State is not something abstract but persons with a name and surname who have a responsibility towards us citizens.

In this case the Minister for Justice Jonathan Attard has central responsibility. Minister Attard has a responsibility to do justice. Therefore Repubblika expects that Minister Jonathan Attard:

  • explains what happened;
  • sees that whoever is responsible bears the responsibility of his actions;
  • declares what steps he is taking to prevent this from happening again;
  • works to recover evidence.

If Minister Jonathan Attard does not want to do his duty, Prime Minister Robert Abela is responsible for removing him. Otherwise the Prime Minister will be assuming the responsibility for this serious breach.

We do not want our country to remain one where criminals walk all over honest citizens.