In anticipation of Repubblika’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Nominations Committee has submitted its report which confirms that the following nominations were both made and accepted:

Dr Robert Aquilina – President
Ms Alessandra Dee Crespo – President-Elect

Given that no further nominations were accepted by the nominees, a ballot for the election of President and President-Elect will not be required so the above appointments will automatically be confirmed for the coming year.

In light of the COVID19 situation, the decision has been taken to hold a virtual rather than physical AGM via Zoom Webinar. All Repubblika members who wish to attend, please send an email to to register for the event by close of day, Friday 25th September. On the morning of the AGM, the relevant zoom link will be emailed out to all confirmed attendees.

Event: Repubblika’s AGM 2020
Date: Thursday 1st October
Venue: Webinar (via Zoom)
Time: 6:30pm > 8:00pm