Repubblika condemns the Prime Minister’s refusal to apologize after being found guilty of unethical behavior by the Commissioner for Standards. In our opinion this refusal is a grave fact.

We remind the public that the Prime Minister in this case used funds that belonged to us all, collected from the taxes we pay, in an inappropriate way.

When Dr Abela is refusing to apologize for this failure, he is promoting impunity where one does not take responsibility for his behaviour. He is also sending the message that one can abuse his position and use public funds inappropriately.

The behaviour of the Prime Minister continues to shape the heart of Maltese society and promotes a country where those who are strong can do what they want, even what is not right.

We also reiterate that there is a need for government spending in advertising to be regulated by law. It should not depend on the appetite of a prime minister whether he apologizes or not, whether there is consequence when ministers spend people’s money to pose in videos and photos for no purpose other than personal publicity.