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The law known as Daphne’s Law has been adopted by the European Parliament, a law which implements standards for the protection of journalists, activists, academics and other persons against court cases that have been abusively filed in the European Union. Daphne had ended up being the victim of a number of these cases, including one brought by the owner of Pilatus Bank in the US. We discuss what the new law says and why it is important.

Last Saturday’s accident, where another worker died on a construction site, continues to show the need for a public inquiry into these types of accidents. It is evident that the dragging of feet to implement the inquiry’s recommendations is continuing to lead to more innocent workers losing their lives at the workplace. The way we treat foreign workers, which sometimes resembles a situation of slavery rather than decent work, also stands out. In the second part of the programme we look again at the conclusions of the inquiry and what the way forward should be.

Guests: Prof Vicki Ann Cremona and Manuel Delia
Presenter: Christoph Schwaiger