The Government should give an account of what went wrong so that Jomic Calleja, a criminal who was planning a series of murders by importing deadly weapons, was allowed to escape from Malta as if nothing had happened.

The press has been asking for several days what measures the government has taken to protect public safety while Jomic Calleja was roaming outside after the court’s conviction. Jomic Calleja is a clear threat to the victims that we know he had in mind and a threat to the security of the entire country. His plans, proven in court and for which he was convicted, constitute a clear danger for those he wants to kill and for those who could innocently become his victim because he happens to be between Calleja and the one he wants to kill.

At the same time the government failed in its fundamental duty to protect national security when it knew that such a dangerous person was allowed to circulate and even leave Malta without anyone noticing.

Either through carelessness or due to a lack of resources voted to the competent authorities, this failure of the government puts many people in clear danger.

Minister Byron Camilleri and Commissioner Anġlu Gafà must explain themselves and shoulder their responsibility.