We refer to the article by Arnold Cassola in today’s Times of Malta.

The case which Dr Cassola writes about highlights two important issues which Repubblika has already raised in the past and which urgently require a national debate.

Firstly: The law which is supposed to protect whistleblowers is totally ineffective. Anyone who reveals corruption should be protected from any detrimental action, for the service they have rendered to the country. The law should stipulate that anyone who is a victim of revenge of whatever kind, should be compensated for this and given protection in order not to be subjected to any form of victimisation and suffering. If our country is really serious about fighting corruption, nobody should fear punishment if they reveal what they know.

Secondly: anyone who has lived in Malta for as long as the person involved in this case, who makes Malta their home, pays taxes, and participates, even voluntarily, in the life of the Maltese community, is Maltese even if they were not born in Malta. This fact should be recognised by the granting of Maltese citizenship, which is the right of every Maltese, wherever they may have been born. The refusal to grant citizenship to anyone who deserves it, is a discriminatory act which deprives the person of their fundamental rights. In this case, the person concerned was deprived of the right of not being exiled from his home and his country, because he stepped on the toes of a Government minister.

This is a serious case of injustice, an act of a cruel government who punishes anyone whose sole intention was to reveal whoever was cheating.

In the particular case that Arnold Cassola is writing about, we demand that the facts be examined in an independent manner and if they are found to be correct, the person concerned be allowed to return to Malta, be granted Maltese citizenship, and be compensated for the hardship he underwent because of the vindictive action of Government.

We repeat our call for reform in the sectors of whistleblowing and citizenship. Please find below the links to our proposals in these two sectors.