Repubblika strongly condemns the intimidation of journalists and calls upon the government to ensure that the targeting of journalists is not tolerated.

Repubblika has been monitoring the political rhetoric adopted by government, including Robert Abela, in the past few days since the conclusions of the magisterial inquiry regarding the hospital privatisation. Abela and persons connected with him have adopted intimidating attitudes and behaviour against the media, singling out individual journalists, particularly women journalists, and inciting public scorn in their regard.

Journalists should not be exposed to intimidation and subjection to public scorn. Repubblika further notes the intentional intimidation of women journalists and of women who participate in public debate. The vicious attack on a journalist by Jason Micallef, Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency, on the RTK programme conducted by Andrew Azzopardi is absolutely unacceptable. Repubblika demands that action is taken without further delay to ensure that journalists’ privacy is respected, and that such vicious attacks against journalists are not repeated.

In a functioning democracy, journalists have to be allowed to carry out their work serenely and without intimidation from government or any other source.