Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, charged by the Attorney General of Malta with corruption, fraud and money laundering, said he will be suing Repubblika for the cost of gathering evidence which will be used against him.

On behalf of all Maltese who have been denied a health service of a quality proportionate to what they spent on taxes, Repubblika will use all the means given to it by law to ensure justice is done. Dr Muscat remembers that the contract, which was implemented when he was Prime Minister, was annulled by the Court because it was a “fraudulent” contract.

Joseph Muscat, assisted by Robert Abela, is now executing a campaign of intimidation.

This is not new at all.

We remember the campaign against Daphne Caruana Galizia who uncovered his misconduct, even in the case of the hospital scandal. We know how Daphne ended up.

With his words, he is endangering the magistrate who investigated the allegations about him. And he is intimidating in advance magistrates and judges who have yet to hear the evidence against him.

Now he is seeing how to intimidate us as well, because we are guilty of insisting that the institutions do their job and act against anyone who breaches the law.

We also note that Joseph Muscat is not criticising the Attorney General, the only official of the Maltese state who alone and without any interference from anyone, took the decision to take him to Court.

Regarding his threats to Repubblika, we tell him: when we were scalded in the shadow of the fire that burned Daphne Caruana Galizia, we swore that no mafia will ever frighten us.