24 hours have passed since another victim of our construction industry has died, despite the fact that over four months ago, the government appointed a commission to draw up proposals for legal and procedural changes to ensure safety in this domain. The public has not been informed that anything concrete has happened, and yesterday’s incident confirms once more that the current situation is totally unsafe.

Repubblika deplores the death of yet another victim of the merciless and uncontrolled development that continues to take place in our country, despite the several incidents that have meant loss of lives, injured workers, and homeless families with no one to turn to. The state cannot continue turning a blind eye to the fact that our laws are not adequate, AND the means to put into practice the existing legislation is totally insufficient and inefficient. Apart from this, we once again denounce the pitiful destruction of our once-beautiful country, so that some people can make a fast buck and the rest of us have to put up with discomfort and disregard for their safety, peace and privacy.

Repubblika calls upon the government to stop this massacre and to ensure that our legislation protects both workers and residents from the rapacious greed of the few who may be providing resources to the political parties, but only have their own interests at heart.