Mario Cutajar Must Resign

Mario Cutajar’s position as Principal Permanent Secretary is untenable, and we expect him to resign immediately.

Mario Cutajar’s claim that he is not responsible for his brother’s wrongdoings is no excuse. Mario Cutajar is not being asked to resign because of what his brother did. He is being asked to resign because he is the head of the Civil Service and the Secretary to the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the Chairperson of the Internal Audit and Investigations Board ,which has the power to investigate financial abuses.

Aldo Cutajar was delivered a perpetual interdiction by the courts in 2005. Despite this, in 2016, he was sent to work in the Embassy in China and in 2018, he replaced Sai Mizzi in Shanghai.

Mario Cutajar heads the institution which allowed this to happen. This is a very serious institutional failure and Mario Cutajar is responsible for it.

Malta is under a black cloud and risks getting grey-listed by Moneyval in the coming months, which would mean loss of jobs for many honest Maltese citizens. Given the current situation, it is Robert Abela’s duty to clear Malta’s name and demand Mario Cutajar’s resignation. We expect Robert Abela to fulfil his duty to the Maltese nation and not reveal himself, once again, to be a puppet in the hands of disgraced Joseph Muscat’s gang.