We want the truth. We want justice.

Repubblika, #occupyjustice and manueldelia.com are calling on everyone to gather in front of Parliament on Monday 22nd June at 6pm to insist on our demand for truth and justice.

We have chosen to meet in front of the highest institution of our country because we do not want Malta to continue sinking into the filth of the corrupt. Parliament is supposed to house only those of the highest integrity but instead is protecting the most criminal and corrupt.

Our message is simple: “We want the truth. We want justice”.

As a first step to bringing the whole truth to the surface and securing justice, three demands are being made:

  1. A joint investigation must be appointed between Europol and the Malta Police into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia and all of the corruption associated with her murder.
  2. All the politicians involved must take political responsibility and resign or be fired.
  3. The directors of Enemalta plc must shoulder their responsibility of protecting the interests of the people of Malta. We expect them to give a full account of the corrupt business in Montenegro and bring back the millions that were stolen from us.

We urge everyone to show that corruption has no place in our country by joining us tomorrow in front of Parliament at 6pm to make sure our demands are heard.