Repubblika makes these observations on today’s decision by Judge Lawrence Mintoff in the case brought by Yorgen Fenech who complained that his rights were being breached.

  1. It was once again documented by a Court that Castille under Joseph Muscat was a nest of crime and corruption. We are not surprised by Yorgen Fenech’s vile face who brought the case he made today when he seems to have realized that his friendships at Castille no longer guaranteed him the impunity he thought he had. On various points, the Court today expressed surprise and disgust at the corrupt and criminal behaviour of Government officials, particularly Keith Schembri, who was no less than the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, a position with enormous power.
  2. As we have been saying in every protest we made in every month of every year since Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder in October 2017, it is corrupt and criminal that the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police did not indict people with political power and accuse them of flagrant and amply proven crimes. The Court today made implicit and explicit references to the known crimes of Keith Schembri. Impunity killed Daphne. This is fully documented in the public inquiry which has been completed for three years. That impunity is still there. Mafia criminals are not yet confronted with any form of consequence for their criminal and mafia behaviour. And the responsibility for this, lies with Victoria Buttigieg and Angelo Gafà, impunity mandators, incapable and complicit as their immediate predecessors.
  3. The Court also observed that we do not have laws to punish the wrong behaviour that had taken place, and made recommendations as to the form these laws should take. This was already stated by the public inquiry which upheld our advice that abuse of power and obstruction of justice by public officials should become explicit crimes. Just as a law has not yet been enacted against the mafia. Today’s judgement once again confirms that Malta is a state with institutions infiltrated by the mafia. Keith Schembri is no longer at Castille. However, he still enjoys impunity. The mafia is still king. Robert Abela’s refusal to implement the recommendations of the Public Inquiry perpetuates the pigging out that made the Court sick today.

What is positive is that Judge Lawrence Mintoff’s decision confirms that despite the scary example of people at the highest levels of the police and government, we have conscientious officers who carry out their work seriously, professionally, and without favour. We pay tribute and reiterate our appreciation for Keith Arnaud’s work.

It is clear that as the President of Malta said on the day of her oath of office, we have not yet started addressing the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. We now know the truth and today it has been confirmed by another court decision. We have not yet begun to taste justice.