The news that Minister Michael Falzon has appointed a panel of three of his friends to investigate how the millions were stolen from public funds is an attempt by the government to appear to be taking action when in fact it is continuing to hide.

Why did it have to be the investigation by the Times of Malta of September 2023 to appoint this board, when according to another statement from Michael Falzon’s ministry, his department had been aware of this theft since September of 2022? Why was this board appointed now, when Robert Abela said he took all the necessary political decisions when he found out about this theft in December 2021?

Why did they hide everything for almost two years until they were uncovered by journalists?

It is not true that the government wants the facts to be known, because if that were true, the government would have tried to discover them the day that, by its own admission, it found out what was happening.

The government is worried about the reaction of the public who are realizing that their own money is being used by the government to buy votes.

The government must account for its actions. Michael Falzon should have announced this apparent decision in a conference for journalists to answer their questions, not hide behind the DOI and Facebook. They would have asked him why he is acting now but did nothing when he himself admits he found out the money that was supposed to go to people with severe disabilities was being stolen.

Now he appointed three friends to tell him that he did nothing wrong and to pretend to reassure everyone that Silvio Grixti alone, without anyone’s help, defrauded the Maltese of millions of euros for years without anyone noticing. And when he was caught, they punished him by giving him a promotion and a pay rise when they made him an adviser to the prime minister.

They say that whoever does not fight corruption is also corrupt. Imagine how corrupt they would be if they cover it up and reward it.