This morning the newspaper The Times revealed how so far it has already been found that more than 2 million euros have been stolen from people that are most in need in the corrupt scheme operated by ministers and the Labour Party. The newspaper also reports how the sum of stolen money is expected to shoot up with the amount of theft that has been done in the last 3 years.

Repubblika reminds that the money that was stolen in this corrupt and criminal scheme was stolen from all our taxes and from the people who, although they are in great need, the public funds could not help them because they were going to those who did not deserve it.

Robert Abela’s government is also a morally corrupt government.

Why are only the small fish being caught? Why is whoever organized this scheme of theft and corruption being allowed to get away with it?

Why are steps not being taken against the ministers and their people who organized, operated and benefited from this corrupt scheme?

Why are the officials in the departments and authorities who collaborated in this theft scheme getting away with it?

What is Prime Minister Robert Abela waiting for to talk about this corrupt scheme? Is there someone close to him who cannot be touched?

We know for certain that 2 million euros have been stolen so far. And the Government that is supposed to protect us is doing nothing, the big fish are let off, and as usual, the small ones pay for everything.

Repubblika will never accept this situation.