Repubblika appeals to all persons of good will not to go to Valletta on Tuesday 28 May and Wednesday 29 May 2024, at the time when Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri and others will be appearing in court. Contrary to Joseph Muscat and his followers, who are inciting people to take to the streets in order to avoid the consequences of his doings, good order has always been Repubblika’s first priority whenever we organised vigils or mass protests, especially those in 2019, and including our latest one last week.

Consequently, we, as Repubblika, have written to the Police Commissioner to voice our concerns. We are reproducing a translation of our letter below:


The Executive Committee of Repubblika and I are following closely all that concerns the magisterial inquiry requested by Repubblika five years ago regarding the fraudulent concessions of the hospitals belonging to the Maltese People.

We understand and fully support the need to ensure that good order is kept in this delicate moment of our country’s history.

We note that one of the persons who will be summoned before the Magistrates’ court to answer to criminal accusations in connection with the criminal inquiry, that is, the former prime minister Joseph Muscat, is calling upon his followers to take to the streets on the day he will be appearing in Court. We are fully conscious of the fact that this mobilisation poses a challenge to the Police Corps to keep order on the 28th and 29th of May. This, especially in view of the campaign of instigation and lies that Joseph Muscat has carried out and continues to do so, together with Prime Minister Robert Abela and other members of Government and the Labour Party, against members of the judiciary, journalists and civil society activists who obtained this inquiry.

You know very well, because you confirmed this personally to me, that despite our strong disapproval of the management of the Police Corps both under the leadership of your predecessor, Lawrence Cutajar, and yours, we have always been pro-active in our efforts to collaborate with the Police Corps to ensure good order in our country. We are against any form of violence and intend to continue giving our contribution towards ensuring that in these moments of tension, good order is preserved.

In light of this, I wish to inform you that Repubblika will not be organising any public activity on the 28th and 29th of May, either in Valletta or in any other part of our country.
I am informing you of this in a spirit of collaboration , so that the Police Corps will be in a better position to handle this delicate moment.


Robert Aquilina,
Honorary President, Repubblika.