The allegation that the Office of the Prime Minister is involved in a cover up of criminal offences is very serious. The Prime Minister cannot remain silent on this grievous allegation.

Repubblika insists that the whole truth should be made known about the serious allegations made by Roger Agius about the Office of the Prime Minister and about the Police to cover up criminal offences.

Such serious allegations cannot not be investigated in a democratic country and a member state of the European Union.

It cannot be alleged that the Office of the Prime Minister tried to arrange for a person not to reveal a criminal offence and the Prime Minister remains mute.

The Police cannot investigate a serious allegation that the police itself passed on information to Cabinet members about what was said about them during a criminal investigation.

The Prime Minister’s silence is an insult to all of us.

Repubblika will never accept that the Government hides an attempt to cover up criminal offences by its members. We will not stop before the whole truth emerges and whoever broke the law faces justice.