Repubblika is concerned by the news of another death in prison. It would seem that the prison authorities have already concluded that the death was due to natural causes, despite the fact that an inquiry still has to be launched.

Care of prisoners is entrusted to the authorities, and when a death occurs in the custody of the authorities, this leads us to be concerned and to worry. In the last two and a half years, there were nine deaths under the custody of the authorities. This is a very troubling indication of systematic failure.

This systematic failure also includes the usefulness of magisterial inquiries that take place in secret. Moreover, no one knows if they were concluded, what the result was, and if the recommendations advanced by the magistrates were fulfilled.

Reports in the press state that currently, there are about 25 pending magisterial inquiries on  incidents that occurred in these last two and a half years. This is absurd, dangerous and very worrying.

We also appeal to the members of the judiciary to use the powers given to them at law, and to visit the parts of the prison that are hidden from the public eye – those that are reported to be kept in conditions that may result in torture or inhuman treatment. Given that they have the power to act, their decision not to exercise this power is a form of complicity.