Six months ago, Miriam Pace was killed. Her only fault was that of being inside her home while next door someone was making money.

Six months ago a woman, mother, sister, friend was killed. One of us was killed.

Despite all the talk and the public declarations that took place, up to this very day no steps have been taken to ensure that no one is killed in their home in the same circumstances.

Up to this very day, the Government, which is supposed to be responsible, did nothing except produce empty talk and a committee which we never heard anything about. Up to this very day, nothing has changed.

Repubblika asks: “Who commands in our country? Is it perhaps that money dictates what happens or does not happen here?”

Repubblika expects the Government to shoulder its responsibilities and do its duty.

We have not forgotten that one of Robert Abela’s very first initiatives, when he was appointed Prime Minister, was to meet with the developers.

We remind Prime Minister Robert Abela that his duty is towards the Maltese people, and not towards those who give money to political parties.