Repubblika denounces the continuity of policies dictated by greed and impunity that Robert Abela’s government has ensured and which are having disastrous effects on the health of us Maltese and those who have come to our country, on our reputation, and consequently, on our economy. The ‘mechanisms’ and protocols put in place by Robert Abela and his government to regenerate the economy are proving counterproductive, and we hope that those being established for schooling are not going to prove just as bad, because the health and wellbeing of our children is at stake.

In view of the failure of Robert Abela’s government with regard to the stemming of the current COVID pandemic, Repubblika demands a public inquiry into the measures that have been and are being taken to fight the spread of the COVID disease. It also demands that the so-called ‘protocols’ for the reopening of our schools and universities are published forthwith, so that parents can rest assured that the safety and proper education of their children, and their own, is guaranteed, and students can proceed serenely with their studies.