While the Deputy Prime Minister was testifying in Court that the Office of the Prime Minister negotiated the transfer of hospitals behind his back, Ministers Byron Camilleri and Edward Zammit Lewis stopped the publication of the report by the Commissioner for Standards regarding the illegal arrest of journalists inside the Prime Minister’s Office in Castille Palace in November 2019.

Repubblika considers this secretiveness as proof of the tentacles that have wrapped themselves round the institutions, tentacles of a macchiavellian plot that is using every means possible to silence the institutions, like a monster that does not want the people to learn of its filth.

We are upset and saddened by the fact that the Speaker of the Parliament voted with Government to impede this report from being published.

Let us not forget that this report is about the abusive action taken against a number of journalists who were locked up in the Auberge de Castille against their will.

Now, Parliament has decided that the Maltese population is not to be informed with regard to what the investigation has revealed concerning this abusive treatment.

No, Prime Minister, the institutions are not working, the tentacles of evil are working very well.